Research Interests

My research interests include plant ecology, functional ecology, and restoration ecology. I am committed to conducting applied research with tangible impacts for contemporary conservation. My work has consistently focused on plants, but has taken place across diverse systems—including deserts, forests, grasslands, the arctic tundra, and a coastal superfund site. Recently, my research has been centered primarily in the Southwest.

Current Research

My current research utilizes trait-based measurements to investigate local adaptation and climate resiliency of three priority restoration species in northern New Mexico. My research includes measuring early life history traits in a greenhouse setting, complemented by successive trait measurements at a common garden site in Santa Fe, and at field sites associated with seed sources. I hope to understand trait variation tied to different seed sources and gain insights about whether functional traits at field sites are predictive of performance in other settings.

Past Work

My field experiences include the following: research related to the potential impacts of climate change on unique vegetation communities (CA), ecophysiological research concerning carbon exchange in Greenland, revegetation and restoration research in the Elwha River Valley (WA), phenology research in Acadia National Park (ME), and wild seed collection paired with rare plant monitoring (NM). Collectively, these experiences have provided me with insight into the importance of working together to answer detail-oriented questions and have reinforced the importance of approaching environmental issues from multiple perspectives.

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